Makeup can be powerful and transformational, boosting your confidence. Makeup should also enhance your natural features and not take away the individuality of the skin.

Many people fear having their makeup done as they don't want to look completely different and not like themselves. For clients booking in wedding makeup, I always ask them to bring me images of looks that they like to their consultation. This gives me a starting point for discussion of the desired look.

During consultation, I always ask my clients lots of questions not just about their skin, but how much makeup they normally wear, what colours they wear, if they are having makeup done for a special event, what their outfit and accessories will look like, etc. It is all relevant to the overall look!

Makeup Treatments

Products we use:
Peggy Sage has turned cosmetics into a creative beauty experience while continuing to meet its exacting professional standards.

We also use a range of other make-up brands too.


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